• Political Royal Rumble: Boris Johnson Vs. Rob Ford

    par le 11 août 2014

    Say what? Boris Johnson challenges Rob Ford's heavyweight championship as the world's crudest mayor. 

  • Berlin: Rainbow Families Shining Through the Clouds

    par le 7 août 2014

    Although Berlin is perceived as a hedonistic queer paradise, it’s also a great place for queer parents to raise kids. Run by Europe’s only openly gay mayor, it’s ideal for rainbow families. But somewhat surprisingly, Germany has some of the most backwards, anti-LGBTI laws in Western Europe. Cafébabel looks at how Berlin’s queer families deal with Germany’s curiously conservative government.

  • Cameron's Cull: Reshuffled off this mortal coil

    par le 17 juillet 2014

    In his last reshuffle before the 2015 election, David Cameron carried out a mass cull of middle aged white men, trying to detoxify the Conservative's old boys image with a few female faces. But thanks to Cameron's tinkering, Britain now finds itself with a eurosceptic foreign minister, an anti-equality equalities minister and an anti-green energy environment minister... 

  • The Political Animal: An Italian Communist in the Bundestag

    par le 15 juillet 2014

    Born in Tus­cany, Paola Gi­ac­ulli was al­ready an Ital­ian Com­mu­nist Party ac­tivist at the age of 15. But now this po­lit­i­cal an­i­mal has mi­grated to the Bun­destag, where she bat­tles his­tory, cap­i­tal­ism and An­gela Merkel on be­half of Ger­many's far-left party, Die Linke. She also had a shot at the European Parliament. I caught up with her in Berlin...

  • The Doolally Lamas of Siberia

    par le 12 juin 2014

    5600km East of Moscow, on an iso­lated hill­top in Siberia, stands Rus­sia’s most fa­mous Bud­dhist monastery- Ivolginsky Dat­san. Recently in the media, Rus­sia is por­trayed through the lens of Putin and Gazprom, a bel­li­cose bully, in­tol­er­ant and op­pres­sive. But travel fur­ther East and you find a very dif­fer­ent Rus­sia.

  • Green Party: We Need To Fight NeoLiberalism

    par le 25 mai 2014

    With a few days to go before the European elections, xenophobic populists are grabbing all the headlines. Apparently they are cleaning up the "protest vote". But the Green Party offer reasonable, real and radical alternatives to the old school of European politics. Cafébabel spoke to Rupert Read, a philosopher at the University of East Anglia and Green Party candidate for the East of England.

  • Eurovision ménage à cinq: left, right, left, right… ?

    par le 19 mai 2014

    Normally political rivals go head to head in televised debates. Sometimes they go head to head to head in a three-way scrap. But last night Europe took things even further. The five EU Commission Presidential candidates went head to head to head to head to head in a one of a kind political royal rumble. Can our traditional left-right binary spectrum handle such chaos?

  • In The Bowels of Europe’s Conscience

    par le 6 mai 2014

    Any one of 820m people can apply to the European Court of Human Rights without a lawyer and without a fee. It is extremely democratic but it is a victim of its own openness, receiving 60, 000 applications a year. Who are these people and how does this colossal judicial creature function? I met Kurds and cut-throats and a man reporting a murderous Japanese robot

  • Max Cooper: Free Will, Science and Electronic Music

    par le 3 mai 2014

    Max Cooper did a PhD in computational biology, making club music & DJing on the side. When funding was cut for his postdoc genetics research he started producing music full time. After 100s of releases and a decade on the club scene, he’s finally releasing his first album. It’s been a long time coming. What is Max up to? We talked about free will, science, computers and music.


    par le 3 mai 2014

    Who says EU politi­cians are a bunch of face­less bu­reau­crats? They're peo­ple just like us, and here's the proof. Each week Cafébabel will be bring­ing you a se­lec­tion of the weird­est, whack­i­est and most touch­ing Tweets from Eu­ro­pean par­lia­men­tary can­di­dates. We'll bring you bright ideas, bril­liance and loonies, and above all we'll bring you rea­sons to vote in the May elec­tions.