• At the Crossroads of History: Transylvania

    par le 10 juin 2015

    Spread on the southern range of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, around 200 villages and their patterns of settlement, built by German Saxon settlers and dating back from the 12th century, mark one of the last untouched Medieval landscapes in Europe, through their planning, agricultural practices and social traditions.

  • Polish village of Zurawlow is model in anti-fracking fight

    par le 20 août 2013

    The village of Zurawlow greets its visitors with two signs targetting an American fossil fuels company: ’Chevron, we don’t want gas’ and ’Yesterday Chernobyl, Today Chevron’. Launched by residents on 3 June 2013, 'Occupy Chevron' vehemently opposes the intention to explore and exploit shale gas - natural gas trapped beneath shale rock formations - in their community, says Raluca Besliu