• Euro 2012: Empty seats, Eastern sex

    par le 29 juin 2012
    While ticket sales for the European championship were not as high as Poland might have hoped, the country did get down and dirty with sex tourism. All big sporting events have their scores, and not just those involving a ball... In Poland, which co-hosted Euro 2012 with the Ukraine, sex tourism is big business and between June and July records were smashed in the not-so-beautiful game.
  • Writing a guidebook on Hungary in times of Orban

    par le 30 mai 2012
    I have been drawn to Hungary for nearly three years now. As a journalist, I stay there for several months every year. Having been away for the past six months, I have followed the latest developments in Hungary from afar, on the internet and through the - sometimes distorting - lens of the western media. Here is what has really changed
  • Iran, Europe, nuclear energy: one year after Fukushima

    par le 9 mars 2012
    Having rocked the whole of Europe, the Fukushima atomic disaster sparked widespread reassessments concerning the future of nuclear energy in Germany and France. Whilst a generally safer Europe finds itself divided over Iran and its acquisition of nuclear weapons, the murder of an Iranian scientist served to fuel an already explosive debate
  • Hungary, ‘Orbanistan’ and French media sensationalism

    par le 17 février 2012
    What can be said of the international media frenzy that followed the Hungarian constitution coming into effect on 1 January, which described prime minister Viktor Orban's government as 'fascist' and even evoked Hungary's exclusion from the EU? For some Hungarians, such headlines are the product of a caricature, a lack of understanding even, of their country’s history.