• Route 28: All roads lead to Vienna 

    par le 19 juin 2017

    "Our goal is a feeling," says the Route 28 team. One day in May, the organisation allowed 800 visitors to travel across Europe, without leaving the centre of Vienna. Founder Katharina Moser explains how the European journey of discovery works in the city she calls home.

  • Idomeni: seeking asylum via Skype

    par le 1 juillet 2016

    Dooo-do-doo. Dooo-do-do. Dooo-do-doo. The Skype dial-up melody can really drive you mad when you desperately need to talk to someone and can't get a reply. Imagine how that must feel when you’re sitting in the Idomeni refugee camp and the person who isn’t picking up is also the person processing you application for asylum.