• Accordo Ue-Russia: finalmente la guerra fredda è finita

    par le 26 mai 2008
    La prime voci sulle nomine per gli incarichi europei all’ombra delle elezioni del 2009, l’Unione del Mediterraneo avanza e l’Ue punisce, penalmente, chi inquina. Le ultime novità da Bruxelles.
  • Baptême made in Belgique = bizutage ?

    par le 27 novembre 2007
    Maxim Vanden Borre à Bruxelles Une étudiante est couchée sur le sol. On lui ordonne de se plonger toute habillée dans une fontaîne. Elle s’exécute. Nous sommes en 2003, aux « 24h vélo » de Louvain-la Neuve, ville universitaire de Belgique. Chaque année, cette course cycliste donne lieu au plus grand rassemblement étudiant du pays.
  • Goodbye PIB!

    par le 25 novembre 2007
    Alessandra Scaffidi à Bruxelles Il nous a servi pendant beaucoup d’années, mais apparemment nous devrons abandonner notre cher PIB! Le PIB (Produit Intérieur Brut), l’indicateur le plus utilisé pour mesurer et confronter le niveau de richesse des pays, ne suffit plus.
  • 362 Europeans in one room

    par le 15 octobre 2007
    By Federico Poggi in Brussels
  • Le cinéma format de poche.

    par le 4 octobre 2007
    By Elisa Longobardi in Brussels AT-PRODUCTION, BOZAR CINEMA et le FORUM DES IMAGES ont présenté ce 28 septembre à Bruxelles, au Palais des Beaux-Arts lors d'une soirée ‘best of’, une sélection des meilleurs produits qui ont participé aux quatre éditions précédentes du festival Cine pocket.
  • Brussels calls for help in Burma/Myanmar

    par le 1 octobre 2007
    By Elisa Longobardi in Brussels The entire world is looking at the tragic events occurring in Myanmar from very different angles. The EU and the USA officially condemned the Junta expressing their concern over the situation. As soon as the risk of a blood-bath outlined most of the world’s leading countries moved the proposal to apply international sanctions to Burma’s military Government.
  • Reduced mobility the only way to more sustainable transport?

    par le 10 juillet 2007
    Brussels - By Roel Hoenders We cannot go on pretending as if we don’t know that moving ourselves around Europe causes serious environmental pressures. It is well known that driving a car does not only affect the local air quality, but also has a global impact because of the CO2 emissions which contribute to global warming and climate change.
  • Cycling is sexy

    par le 3 juillet 2007
    Brussels - by Roel Hoenders About seventy (almost) naked people cycled around Brussels last Saturday the 30th of June. Objective of this action was underlining the weak nature of bikers in daily traffic, but also emphasizing the increasing need (and according madness) of oil in the world of today.
  • Drops of shared information

    par le 22 juin 2007
    Brussels - By Federico Poggi After this morning’s general meeting bilateral negotiation started. Press is thirsty for new information but very few press briefings took place even if news seems to be more available than before. This is because diplomats going in and out their meetings always cede to the pressure of journalists.
  • The arrival of the “stars”

    par le 21 juin 2007
    Brussels - Federico Poggi After a relatively calm time, at about 4pm an impressive mass of cameras and journalists of all nationalities gathered at the VIP entrance. The insider trick was to find and get close to German journalists as President Merkel was be the first to arrive and everybody knew she would be talking mainly with her national press.