• Lords Have Mercy

    par le 1 juin 2014

    The unelected House of Lords makes Britain’s political system an anomaly in the West. Rather than simply a symbolic relic of the past, the upper chamber remains very important in the present, and enjoys more power to delay legislation than the upper houses of France and Spain, both of which are elected. So how has this anomaly survived the ravishes of time, and where does it stand today?

  • Royal Rumble: EU Monarchs behaving badly

    par le 13 avril 2014

    In the EU, seven constitutional monarchies have survived waves of republicanism to remain at the head of their country’s establishment today. However, as many politicians have proven over recent years, those in charge don’t always follow the rules they set. A regal title doesn’t necessarily mean regal behaviour. Let’s take a look at a few monarchs behaving badly.

  • RIP Frankie Knuckles, Godfather of House

    par le 2 avril 2014

    With the death of Frankie Knuck­les, house music has lost one of its key in­no­va­tors and proud­est torch car­ri­ers. His DJ ca­reer span­ned four decades, and Frankie didn’t stop spin­ning until the day he died. Even if you haven’t danced to him di­rectly, there’s no doubt that you’ve got down as a di­rect re­sult of the won­der­ful legacy he cre­ated.