• A new chapter in my Babel life

    par le 3 mars 2008
    Dear café babel friends, It is with mix feelings of pleasure and sadness that I inform you of my recent decision to take on a new challenge as Secretary General of the European Youth Press, an umbrella organisation based in Brussels. My time as staff member of Babel International will be soon ending and my functions taken over by a new, gifted and passionate Community Coordinator.
  • Axelle Red talks about how "Men get involved to combat violence against women", at the Madariaga European Foundation, 4th March 2008

    par le 25 février 2008
    The Madariaga European Foundation will exceptionally celebrate the International Women’s Day with a Belgian guest star, Axelle Red, MPs of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly and MEPs. On 25 November 2007, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe launched an initiative Men Get involved to mobilize men to combat domestic violence.
  • The Top 10 countdown in January 2008

    par le 16 février 2008
    1. is still number one! Translated into 5 languages ( French- obviously- Enligh, Spanish, Italian, and German), it challenges preconceptions Europeans might have on France's relations with Europe, particularly in terms of multicultural heritage and complex politics. Paris , also translated into 5 Latin languages (Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French, Italian) closely follows the Paris blog.
  • The latest topics on the Babelforums

    par le 16 janvier 2008
    The Babelforums are picking up pace with new topics and on-going active ones. The objective of the Babelforum is to allow Europeans to discuss European issues in their native language or in a language they feel comfortable in- other than English.
  • The best way to run your Babel blog

    par le 11 janvier 2008
    When cafebabel.com embarked in the blogosphere adventure in 2007, and developed its own babelblog platform, none of us had really blogged before. We were mere spectators, at best punctual commentators of other blogs. 56 blogs later and lots of entries posted, the mysteries of blogging are gradually dissolving. In addition, communicating with each other is now easy.
  • Cafebabel.com local teams at work

    par le 20 décembre 2007
    Here’s the latest going on in Babel land. Live from Brussels..., ,, , ... find out how local teams are making a big difference in shaping a European Civil Society. BarcelonaParisTallinnIstanbulBrussels The Barcelona team has opened its blog in English, Catalan, and French. The team was created already back when cafebabel.com was only quadrilingual. It was thanks to the Catalans that cafebabel.
  • Lumière sur Jean-Sébastien Lefèbvre, teamleader de la Parisienne

    par le 11 décembre 2007
    Lors d'un de mes passages parisiens désormais incontournable à la Rédaction Centrale européenne de cafebabel.com, à la Maison de l'Europe, j'ai eu le plaisir de boire un verre avec Jean-Sébastien Lefèbre, "teamleader" de la nouvelle rédaction locale "La Parisienne" qui connaît un succès grandissant. Il me raconte comment il est tombé sur cafebabel.
  • "The Lisbon Treaty: at the crossroad of legitimacy and necessity" debate in Brussels

    par le 11 décembre 2007
    The Madariaga European Foundation is hosting the last debate of a series launched and organised throughout 2007 on "The Constitutional Treaty: to be or not to be". After months of speculation, the Constitutional Treaty was replaced with the Reform Treaty, i.e. the Lisbon Treaty.  Pushed through the backdoor, without referenda, the Lisbon Treaty, though essential,  lacks democratic support.
  • Istanbul, Berlin, Athens, Sevilla and Prishtina enter the Babelblogosphere

    par le 30 novembre 2007
    Istanbul, Berlin, Athens, Sevilla, and Prishtina, have jumped in the babelblogosphere bandwagon! Istanbul was created in October by Ozcan Tikit- he is a journalist and very eager to learn about the way European media work as well as creating links between Europeans and Turks. This is our second blog on Turkish issues.The first one is Turkish Gambit also created in October by Enis Sernedem.