• A look back on what finally led Merkel to support Juncker

    par le 8 juillet 2014

    Unless there is dramatic turn of events, Jean-Claude Juncker seems well on his way to becoming the next President of the European Commission.  His appointment was far from certain, while his candidacy was still being debated by European leaders.  Angela Merkel also sided with the sceptics, raising many questions, before finally backing the Luxembourger.

  • The Homo-entrepreneur, Polish style

    par le 19 mai 2014

    Initially held back by the lingering chains of socialism and later sold out to the coffers of capitalism, the Polish entrepreneur has never really made his/her mark on the landscape of the country. However, it is today's younger generation of entrepreneurs which could make Poland great again.  Cafébabel takes a look at one of the most promising Eastern European economies.

  • The Story of Storify

    par le 9 avril 2014

    Dy­namic, di­rect, friendly and chatty - this young all-in-one en­tre­pre­neur doesn’t hang around. Xavier Damman, founder of Storify, knows what he is talk­ing about and ea­gerly elab­o­rates on the sub­ject with hu­mour. He is very much at home with telling his per­sonal story, in­vari­ably with the de­sire to in­spire the next gen­er­a­tion of en­tre­pre­neurs.

  • Twitter: the new weapon in the police's Arsenal

    par le 28 mars 2014

    Quickies, the most interesting and bizarre news of the week. A quick and compact digest from all four corners of the Continent.

  • The cinema clubs of Tunis: Art and resistance

    par le 13 mars 2014

    Since their establishment in the 1960s, film clubs in Tunisia have been spaces of creative and intellectual freedom. They’re a breeding ground for trainee film-makers passionate about the seventh art as well as activists from across the left-wing spectrum- the opposition to the regimes that have ruled the country since its independence.